Enjoy Earth Day Activities With Your Child in Raleigh

FlickrEarth Day has just passed but that doesn’t mean that you and your children have to stop learning more about the environment here in Raleigh and Summermill at Falls River Apartments. Kids, especially toddlers, love sensory activities and hands on projects outdoors.

Below are a few Earth Day Activities that children and parents can participate in together. It’s very important that toddlers are often engaged in hands on activities that help their brains develop and enhance their senses of touch, taste, and smell. What outdoor activities have you created for your children?

  • Enjoy a hot day outside Summermill with your child by putting ice cubes in a small or medium sized bin or container. Toddlers and babies love the slipping and sliding of the ice.
  • Press flowers and leaves between the pages of books. Practice drying fruits to teach your young one about the sun’s affect on nature.
  • Go on a nature walk with your child and point out various animals, bugs, and plants. Have them learn the names!
What nature related activities do you enjoy with your child?

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

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